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CAOROS has always been about embracing one’s femininity through its chic and dainty pieces that allows the inner goddess in every girl to shine through. Just recently, we collaborated with Filipina graphic designer Ivy Pangilinan to create new packaging that embodies these aesthetics.
We had a chat with Ivy for this week’s Q&A. Read on as she tells us more about herself, her design principles, and how our new packaging came to be.

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Tell us about yourself.
I’m a Manila-based graphic designer and illustrator/painter. I’m also a diver, swimmer, and marine conservationist, so a lot of my work takes inspiration from nature and the ocean. It’s my way of using my skills to promote and bring awareness to pressing environmental matters.

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Describe your overall approach to design.
When it comes to creativity and making art, my foundations are: authenticity, curiosity, imperfection, play. I believe in celebrating the artistic process in my work, because I think that it is just as important as — if not more important than — the finished product. If you wanna make art, just do it! .

How did you start working with CAOROS?
Kim somehow landed on my Instagram page, saw my work, and reached out to me asking if I could work on some prints for CAOROS’ packaging. Instagram is a great tool for getting your work out there — I feel lucky we have platforms like this now because it makes it so much easier for artists like myself to connect with potential collaborators. 

 What was your inspiration for CAOROS' new packaging design?

Kim liked the feminine, floral/abstract pieces I had up on my Instagram page so we used those as inspiration. I worked with colors that would complement the current CAOROS palette. 

How would you describe CAOROS as a brand? What do you like best about it?
eminine, classy but not uptight/out-of-reach, elegantly playful. I love how their pieces can be worn by a wide range of ages — from women in their early 20’s to late 30’s or even 40’s. I also love how their pieces can take you from casual settings to more formal occasions. There’s something for everyone. Lastly, I just love their designs overall — so my style!

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